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Chest wall
lung surgery
surgical access
Chest wall recontruction

Our range of products includes: nitinol clips for rib fractures; nitinol pre-shaped bars for chest deformities correction and PLLA absorbable pins to help bone stabilization before osteosynthesis (clamshell, ribs, sternum)

Lung surgery

Try Gunze's PGA membranes to prevent air leaks after lung surgery NEOVEIL. The product is available in sheets for direct application on the surgical area or in pre-shaped tubes to be applied on your surgical stapler for buttressing the surgical line.

Surgical access

Our Ultravision retraction system for small thoracic incision provides unique blade design and incorporates light for the maximum visibility.

EasyCare soft tissue retractor is our disposable device for thoracotomy.

Chest Wall Reconstruction

Our dedication to thoracic surgery goes together with our know how with innovative materials



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Lung Surgery

Membranes for air leak prevention and buttressing are our first offers to thoracic surgeons in Europe.
We present Neoveil from Gunze, the market leader in asian market for these applications in lung surgery

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Bone stabilization before osteosynthesis

We present Grandfix, a reabsorbable PLLA device line which allows ethe surgeons to achieve the greatest bone stabilization befor performing osteosynthesis

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